• |Marketing support for SMEs
  • |Animation of creativity workshops
  • |Creation of Internet sites
  • |Design of communication tools
  • |Training

Marketing & Innovation

Founded in 2008, MARKETING & INNOVATION is a competence center dedicated to marketing
for industrial companies, service companies, artisans, farmers and traders.
Animated by Rony CELESTE, MARKETING & INNOVATION offers real workshops
manufacturing innovation strategies and communication tools adapted to VSEs and SMEs.
Our ambition: to turn our customers into value-creating, innovative and agile companies.


Marketing support for SMEs

Contribution of skills and outsourcing of the marketing-communication function

  • Marketing strategy
  • Prospecting and commercial animation
  • Launch of new products
  • Press relations
  • Industrial Property (Patents, Trademarks and Designs)
  • Setting up CRM

Animation of creativity workshops

Innovation products and services, eco-innovations, innovative business models

  • Search for innovative products or services
  • Identification of eco-innovations,
  • Innovative resolution of industrial and commercial issues,
  • Design of innovative business models

Creation of Internet sites

Webdesign, technical design, production of text, image and video content

  • Showcases, e-commerce, extranet
  • SEO strategy, traffic analysis
  • Animation of social networks
  • Newsletters, e-mailing campaigns …

Design of communication tools

Creation of communication supports, diagrams and technical illustrations

  • Catalogs and trade brochures
  • Product Pages
  • Technical manuals
  • Digital media for commercial presentations
  • Sales Arguments
  • Kakemonos, stands …


Our training courses are tailored to the specific needs of each company.
Some training examples implemented:

Innovate and create with the right marketing and sales strategy: method and tips
Know how to make a marketing diagnosis
Know how to formulate a marketing and sales strategy
Implement a dual marketing / communication approach: B to B and B to C
Know how to build and follow a business prospection plan
Use the computer tool to simply build your business prospecting file
Webmarketing discovery



Metallurgy, Plastic, Wood, Food Processing, Fruits and Vegetables, Flexible Packaging, Industry 4.0, Industrial Subcontracting


Telephony, IT, Acting, Logistics, Consulting, Security, Maintenance, VTC, Hospitality, Catering

Building & habitat

Bathroom, Pool & Spa, Kitchen, Fireplace, Lighting, Seat, Taps, Carpentry, Veranda, New energies


Professional Associations, Higher Education, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Technopoles