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Rony CELESTE, manager of MARKETING & INNOVATION is also consultant, speaker and facilitator certified ASIT®, method of convergent creativity.
Build innovative products or services, identify eco-innovations, solve an innovative problem, define an innovative business model …
ASIT® is an easy and quick to deploy tool, ideal for small and medium-sized businesses: 4 hours only to generate innovative ideas!

ASIT®, Advance Systematic Inventive Thinking, is a method of training adapted to the VSE / SME (products and services) that converges quickly to new ideas. ASIT® is a registered trademark of SOLIDCREATIVITY.

ASIT® is a convergent method of creativity that does not generate many things like unbridled ideas … as is the case of divergent creativity techniques (see brainstorming).

Conversely, ASIT® will systematize the generation of a set of clear criteria for the creativity group around a solutions-oriented (and not problem-based) focus through the use of semantic tools of to force the brain to address ideas.

While many go out of the “square” to innovate, with ASIT®, MARKETING & INNOVATION follows the philosophy that proposes to start by looking in the “square”, in the respect of the constraints and the environment, thanks to the use sometimes different from the existing. Indeed, the most impressive innovations are often the simplest:

  • they are not sure about “just thinking about it” …
  • those which constitute the breaks of use.

The ASIT® method directly targets creative ideas with a certain profile. TPE / SME are sources of innovation … ASIT® is a method adapted to evolve the historical products of the TPE / PME, to differentiate when the products become very competitive or when we say in a mature market :

  • ASITc (innovative design) makes it possible to extend its range of products or services, to renew unmarked products or to offer new offers
  • ASITr (creative resolution) creatively solves problems with a product or an affect
  • ecoASIT (eco-innovation) source of innovative ideas compatible with the challenges of sustainable development

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